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Designed specifically for Bitcoin, MarketDecryptor reduces the guesswork in trading BTC or other cryptocurrency assets by providing clear and meaningful insight into past, present and future price movements.



I've been trading Bitcoin on the OTC, spot and futures markets for over 7 years. I also have over 20 years experience in developing complex software systems, including software used by derivatives traders and market makers around the world.

This indicator is the product of that experience. It gives you, the trader, the ability to make informed decisions about how to trade, when to trade - and just as importantly: when NOT to trade.



What's included?   

MarketDecryptor A

The on-candle analytics. These indicators provide information such as:

  • Bullish or bearish rejections

  • Bullish or bearish continuation patterns

  • Local bottoms

  • Local tops

  • Increasing volume

  • Pump / Dump warnings

MarketDecryptor B


The momentum wave analyzer. Provides critical momentum information, allowing you to see turning points in price movements before they are visible on the chart otherwise. 

Private Discord Server


An exclusive and friendly community of MarketDecryptor users and traders. Get help with using the indicator, share strategy ideas and post your profits!


    What does everything mean?    

    Ready To Get Started?   

MarketDecryptor costs 0.1BTC per year. To start making profits now, do the following:

  1. Send 0.1BTC to the address opposite.

  2. Send an email to indicator@xcoinr.com containing:

    • The transaction ID

    • Your TradingView username

    • Your Discord username

That's it. The indicator will appear under "Invite only scripts" in TradingView's indicator list and you will be added to the Discord server within 24 hours, usually sooner.

Green Dot

A green dot below a candle indicates that a bearish move has encountered a bullish rejection, and an upward move is possible.